porcelain veneers before  porcelain veneers after

Full mouth reconstruction.  All anterior (front) teeth are porcelain veneers.  Posterior (back) teeth are all porcelain crowns as well as gold onlays.



Veneers Completed case with porcelain veneers on ten maxillary (upper) anterior teeth.




Upper arch reconstruction before  Upper arch reconstruction after Full upper arch reconstruction.  Four central front teeth are porcelain veneers, cuspids (eye-teeth) are all porcelain crowns, all posterior (back teeth) are porcelain fused to gold crowns.  Lower arch was done at a later date.



Veneers before   Veneers after Porcelain Veneers.  Young man presented with fractured front tooth and a large diastema (gap) between the teeth.  Patient's lateral incisors (teeth immediately adjacent to central teeth) are small in size.  To accomplish a symmetrical outcome, four porcelain veneers were utilized for maximum esthetic result to repair the fracture, close the diastema, and re-proportion the size of all four teeth.


 Full mouth reconstruction before  Full mouth reconstruction after




Full mouth reconstruction.  Six maxillary anterior (upper front) teeth are porcelain veneers.  Lower anteriors (front) is constructed with a porcelain fused to gold bridge and one porcelain veneer.  All remaining posterior (back) teeth are a combination of gold onlays and porcelain fused to gold crowns.